Monday, May 9, 2011

Annaliese's First Public speaking event at school. (It's a french poem)

I thought she did great.   I have to say when I talk to the teacher she describes this wonderfully happy/cheerful little girl who is always polite, loves to participate,  first to offer help and follows every single rule, to the point that she tells the other kids to follow them also... and I wonder... Does my kid have a duel personality.  Yes she has her cute moments at home but mostly, and lately it has been fighting, arguing, defiance, rudeness, stubbornness and crankiness.  She throws fits if she doesn't get her way, if she is getting a lecture or a talk about something she has done, she turns it around and starts to cry about a small cut she got 2 days ago!

What am I supposed to do with this????   Any help or ideas for this double personally syndrome?  I must admit that Mark and I have seen this before (as we are both teacher's) and we've decided that in a way it's best if kids behave in public.  I would be mortified if she acted the way she did with me towards her teachers.  But all the same, how do I help her become the same little kid at home as at school? 

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  1. I would just roll with it, 5 years old is still a pretty tender age. She has a tonne of expectation at school to be "big" and she is doing it well. It's got to be exhausting to be so good and behaving above expectation to her peers.

    If she needs to be 'small' at home to unwind from her big day,I'd cater to her needs while she is in her safe place with people she can rely on... They say kids unravel and unwind only to those they feel the safest with. <3