Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I can still do Crow pose!!!

Crow pose!  I can still jump into it pretty easily (for now) and hold if for about 5 breaths! (or about a minute)
Last week I wasn't able to get out to do hot yoga (Mark being away and all).  So this week I thought... "Oh man this is going to hurt".  Yoga is something you really need to stick with, it's more of a mental game actually.  If you lose your practise in your mind and you rely on your muscles to tell you what you can or can't do... you'll suck!  So today I did suck at some stuff, two weeks ago I could do wheel.. this week...not so much... bridge for me!  Two weeks ago I did head stand, this week... tripod.  BUT!!!  Two weeks ago I did crow pose... and this week I did crow pose (without the kick stand) .  Muahahahaa...  all is not lost.  If you are curious, here are some pictures I stole online and posted here.

Here is wheel! 

This is the easier version.  Bridge (which I must admit did really help with my sciatic pain)

 This is head stand.  It's fun!

This is tripod!

I actually think I'll be able to keep doing crow, the belly seems to be a counter weight :D  I wonder what other pose I can still rock with my growing belly!

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