Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Sad Bike Story!

I believe the universe is against my desire to ride my bike.  The first time I got the idea to ride my bike, I could hardly get it down off the garage ceiling, next the tires were empty, I got them filled and during that ride I feel off and scratched my arm up pretty badly.  Then the next time I wanted to ride it, pulling the "new" second hand trailer we bought, my back tire was flat/blown out.  So I had to get Mark to fix it up for me.  Check, tire fixed, filled and trailer attached.  It is looking good!

We are off!

So far so good...

And then.... 

Biking to Longo's I had the two older kids in the trailer, Mark had the baby seat on his bike.... as I was going over the bridge ... Changed gears... and wham the gears went off their tracks and caught in the tire... and I can no longer move my bike!!! 

Mark had to bike home, get the van and pick up my bike.  I attached the front wheel to the trailer and pushed them home!

Poor mangled gears.  

I will be taking this bike to the repair shop tomorrow... so even though the universe is clearly trying to tell me something, I am stubbornly forging ahead!

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