Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Ok so perspective is something that we should all value way way more.  Today I found myself complaining about how big my tummy is... well look!!! for heaven's sake I'm only 14 weeks pregnant and then I looked back at some of the old pictures of me when I was pregnant with my last baby!  About 2 years ago, I really was huge.  And so at this point I feel kind of silly posting on face book that "me and my giant belly".... because really???  REALLY??? this is not giant.......

This is me pregnant at 39 weeks with Patrick (he was 9lbs 8oz).
THAT is GIANT!!!!!


  1. thank you! In all fairness I did just get back from the gym... Post workout glow! :)

  2. You've always been beautiful. I'm thinking you should start wearing your hair down again.

  3. Aww thanks Jen. My hair is down today (but that's because I had extra time to blow dry it... I made Annaliese's lunch last night!) :) But as soon as I workout.. it goes up!