Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Keep Them Busy!!!

Well I think going into this week with a game plan is helping.  My motto is going to be keep them too busy to drive me nuts.  The morning is always busy, getting lunches/snacks ready, getting dressed and having breakfast all before 8:30!  We didn't do to bad!  We made it to school this morning on time and I even had time to sit down and eat my oatmeal and hard boiled eggs.

I've also set a goal for myself that I don't want to yell at them while Mark is away.  I'm their only parent this week, I can't turn into a scary 5foot 4inch crazy mad monster!!!  (ps. Not that I plan on yelling at them when Mark get's back, but I think it's really really important this week to keep myself calm. 

So back to the day, after I dropped Annaliese off at school I took the boys to play (and get tuckered out) at Lil'Monkey's.  It worked, we got home, had some lunch, read stories and everyone (moi aussi) took a nap.  I actually had to wake the boys up so that we would have time to pick up Annaliese at school.  So pile into the van again, get Annaliese and on the way home we stopped at Longo's for the sushi diner special.  At home we had diner, then packed a snack and off to Goodlife for playtime for the kids and a 2 hour workout for mommy!

Here's the key or trick to getting 3 kids to bed really really fast and efficiently.  Go through the routine with them about 20 times before we even set foot in the door.  Tonight's was: get home, put away your coat/shoes/ go upstairs, pj's on, pick out tomorrow's clothes, brush teeth, go pee, read stories and bed!!!  We practised all the way home!!! So when we walked in the door, I only had to take care of putting the baby to bed and they were ready for their stories by the time it was their turn.  I literally only had to remind them a few times of the order of events.  

Ahhh then I made myself an after workout meal, cleaned up around here and sat down to watch the Biggest Loser! 

the end....

pss. Hopefully tomorrow goes as well.  I'm not sure I will bring them back to the gym, mostly because I think I over did it when I ran a 5k, then did weights, then combat... I'll have to see how I feel.  I think I could Flow rather than stay home and that would be better than nothing. ( ahhh you see more planning!)

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