Friday, May 13, 2011

Thursday's post: My Happy List!

1) Morning out with the kids at Little Goobers (they love it there, plus I get free wifi to catch up on emails)
2) By chance meeting up with a good gym friend (at Little Goobers), whom I don't get to see nearly often enough!!! I miss you Janet.
3) Kid took a long nap and I GOT ONE TOO!!!!  (ps. the weather was crappy so... I didn't even feel bad sleeping)
4) Had time to make my favorite humus and soup for the kids and Mark before 5pm (packed it up, picnic style for them to eat at the gym)
5) Had a great Body Pump class
6) *** A Fantastic 1 hour massage!!!***
7) Because kids were exhausted, they went to sleep really fast and easy! (8PM - all kids down!)
8) Extra time in the evening because no mess to clean up from diner, got to hang out with my hubby!  :)
9) Got to bed early because blogger was down :D 

 I had the most fabulous day!!!  I am so greatful for my life.  The relationships, the simplicity and the love... these are the things that make me happy and that matter! 

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