Saturday, May 14, 2011

A **REAL** Gluten Free Bakery!!

By chance I walked into this store today and I am so excited to tell you about it.  The store is tiny, but the staff is super friendly.  The owner Jonh even gave me a carrot muffin for the road because I was pregnant and it was lunch time.  I had bought a bag full of frozen (day old) treats.  They were 50% off this way, and I figured the best way for me to get the best bang for my buck anyway, plus this way I could try out more of their products. 

But even better, I am thrilled because they make bagels fresh (well they make everything the same day) on Tuesday`s and Thursday`s.  How perfect is that, Thursday used to be my bagel day so now I can have the occasional fresh warm bagel without getting all the gut pain that I used to. 

I believe, much to Mark`s chagrin (gas prices, ect...), that I will be visiting Oakville at least once a month (or more), to treat myself to some frozen day old baked goods and a fresh bagel! 

So today I brought home, 4 cookies (oatmeal chocolate chip), 2 cup cakes (one chocolate and one vanilla), 3 cinnamon buns (aka- sticky buns), 6 cinnamon raisin scones ... all these were all frozen, but I did buy 3 fresh herb baguettes.  The grand total was 15$ and some change.  

I tried a bite of almost everything already, and I have to say the cookies are amazing, the cinnamon buns aren`t Cinnabon, but they sure beat grocery store versions or the Ikea ones, I almost ate one whole baguette on the ride home, it wasn`t crumbly in the least and the flavour was a perfect blend of savory herbs.  I did find the scones a bit dry (but what can you expect with day old - I think I will eat them while drinking tea).  But the point of all this is that, I don`t feel so limited anymore.  My decision to be Gluten Free was not an easy one, don`t you think I would still be eating gluten and all the yummy foods that contain gluten if my gut and body allowed me to?  Of course!!!  But in the past few weeks I have been having a lot of cravings for "regular foods", my own muffins, whole wheat bread, bagels even regular cereal... did you know most burger's have gluten in them??? So now I'm looking for hamburgers that are also GF!

Anyway rant aside, I think anyone, whether they are GF or not, should check out this bakery!  It's fantastic and the staff is so amazing and sweet and will take the time to explain how they make their treats and what ingredients they use! 

ps. Yes I do make my own burger's (but every now and then I deserve a break too!)

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