Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 7: Purple toes, barf posters and Toy Story on Ice

Today was everything I dreamed it would be.  I started the day off, ahhh by having stayed in bed till 9!!!!  Seriously when you have kids that's like 2pm in normal people time :D  I had my bowl of oatmeal and off I went to treat myself to a pedicure.  Now here's the thing, I never do this type of stuff but it's the March break, which means Mark is home and I'm not exactly at 100% full parenting capacity since being off Cymbalta, so why not!  So after a lovely 1 hour spent getting pampered, not to mention the massaging chair which I love, and God Bless her heart, the esthetitian spent extra time massaging my feet!, I now have super cute purple toes that match my purple handbag!  I need the weather to get warmer so I can live in my flip flops again.

Then I got home and made the kids and Mark lunch, they went for their nap and I decided that I needed to have a batch of chocolate 2 bite brownies.  So I made a gluten free, sugar free (only coconut sap and carob powder to sweeten it) hemp heart, almond brownie!  Then it was off to my 4pm Crossfit training class.

I have to tell you, I am thinking of cheating on Goodlife.  This might be the beginning of a serious love affair (Mark don't roll your eyes!!! I'm serious)  It was up my alley all the way, they actually have a poster on the wall of the gym area of a cartoon dude puking and it says "don't forget to clean up your mess!".  Awesome, the rules say that if you leave equipment out you will have to do burpeese.   Teehee, I love it!  The philosophy is very much mine, don't waste your time at the gym, work hard or go home!  The actual workout was short but it was crazy hard.  I haven't sucked air that hard, since...since... labour or the push part???  not really sure!  But it gets a thumbs up for sure and stupid stupid me am going back tomorrow to do the next session for this week.  I know I shouldn't but Friday - Saturday and Sunday we will be really doing some family activities, so I didn't want to interrupt the flow of our time together. 

Anyway, when I got back home it was 'go time'!  Toy Story on Ice was starting at 7pm and I arrived home from Breaking Point at around 5:20.  My brother was going to be watching Patrick (thank you!!!!), so that was a load off our mind.  But I still needed to pack snacks, and my own diner to eat on the way (hurray for rice and beans - with veggies- that warm up easily and just as easily can be packed in thermos).  So we did make it all the way to the Roger's center with 15 minutes to spare.  Thankfully our kids were so excited to actually see the show that they were not instantly sucked into the shameless peddling of exorbitantly priced cheaply made Toy Story paraphernalia.  The show was fantastic!  The kids loved it and sure they wanted some of the toys or junk food, but I kept repeating my mantra... We are here to watch TOY STORY!!!  wooohooo (emphasis here) and NOT to shop or eat junk food!  I did pack lots of healthy snacks, which they all goobled up and Mark and I surely saved ourselves at least 40$ and the effects of what such sugary foods would have done to the kids!  Sure some parents wouldn't have wanted to deal with the effects of saying "no", some other parents would have thought that the special occasion deserves cotton candy, sugar cones and/or salty popcorn.  We felt that the price was stupid and that we really didn't want to be moping our kids off the floor as they scream and freak out (for anything or nothing -who knows when it comes to sugar overload combined with over tiredness).  And it worked for us! I'm not saying anything about anyone else's choices but I'm explaining why we didn't indulge our kids (with the junk food experience) because seriously watch this... the show was awesome!!!   

My favorite part of the whole show was when Barbie met Ken for the first time to the Dream weaver song!  and the Ken trying on the clothes to the Tune of Freak Out.  Check this out it's short!

I'm signing off and hopefully I have a great day tomorrow.  I've book a one hour massage (covered by insurance) at 9:30 Am so I know it's going to be a good day!

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