Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 11: How is this POSSIBLE???

I've had three day's off the gym as a recovery from last week.  I didn't eat any 'real' junk food this weekend.  I did make gluten and sugar free chocolate cake with a chocolate and greek yogourt frosting (sigh** it really is soooo good), the cake was ~so so~ but the frosting was awesome.

I am healthy!!!  I exercise, take my vitamins, eat my greens and tons of fruit... I SHOULD NOT BE SICK WITH A COLD!!!   The only thing I can think of is that I haven't been sleeping nearly enough.  All three kids are snotty so that doesn't help!  So tonight I'm going to bed early! Tomorrow I have to at least feel better because I have a session with my trainer.  Germs suck! 


  1. unfortunately, being healthy does not turn you into super woman. But don't worry, you're pretty much as close as anyone can get to being a super hero, so I know you'll get better fast!

  2. I hope so, today I don't actually feel sick and icky, but my nose is running like a sieve. I've used almost a whole box of tissues already. We really need to stop buying the cheap ones :P

  3. See, I really think germs get spread from lack of hand-washing and then touching your mouth/eyes, etc. Or being coughed or sneezed on directly. (Kids!) Healthy diet helps, but has more to do with direct contact with germs. I'm a little uptight about this one because my MIL blames my diet and my daughter's for any ailment we have.

    Anyway, I hope you feel better soon. And I swear by Puffs Ultra for tissues (not the lotion kind--it has to say Ultra on the box.) They hold a ton and are soft on the nose.

  4. Hey Cara, I know you are right about the germs (except I've heard theories that germs ingested through your mouth don't actually survive your stomach acid - so it must be just eyes and lungs???). I think that diet and exercise play a part in the length of the virus, and how fast you can recover fully from it. Today I feel awesome. I worked out yesterday and today all snot is dried up. I didn't need to take anything and only used the humidifier!