Friday, March 4, 2011

Ask and You Shall have Answers.

But otherwise I would have to say that after a very lengthy discussion with my husband, I have come to the conclusion that I won't volunteer information unless asked.  I am struggling tonight because I think I care too much, when I love people, really do, I want them to have information that will help them.  I would want the same.  I know what eating refined sugars and processed foods can do to you.  I've been there, I've seen the kids that are in school trying to learn and concentrate but they haven't eaten a real food item all day (lunchables and juice and cookies are not my idea of real food), these kids can't preform to their best.  I am talking about the day in day out kind of stuff not the occasional treat.

Ok I will step off my soap box and be done with the preaching (well not here on my blog of course), but out there.  Because everyone that I love has heard my bit, they know me as a health nut (which I am quite proud of) and they also know that if they need information they know where to find me.  But I don't ever want anyone to feel judged.  I don't want people to resent me because I might bring some healthy snacks to a party.  I am who I am and you are who you are.  I am the parent who will have to explain to her kid why they can't have juice in their lunch box everyday, or have "lunch lady" every Tuesday.  I am willing to deal with the tantrums and fights with my kids because I love them and I want to teach them what is healthy food and what is a treat and what is junk food (trash can food).  I'm not saying that if you give your kids juice you don't love them, it's just an example.  We all have different values and stresses in our life and since I am a stay at home mom I know I have the luxury of spending more time thinking and planning meals and snacks.  I have no idea what it is like to be out of the house all day and arrive and need to have food on the table, homework done, dance lessons or hockey games to drive too....  and the other million of things that parents deal with when they both work.  But we all make choices right!  This was our choice and we don't have as much money as dual income families, that means no vacations or eating out for us.  I have the luxury of making pizza from scratch every Friday night with my kids, or baking fresh muffins before a play date.

Getting back to the point, is that I don't want to make anyone feel bad for the choices they chose to make.  I will just continue to live my life the way I choose and I plan on shining, if you want to twinkle or be a strobe light... go for it.  I will be who I want to be! And you can be who you want to be!


  1. But I need help.......................... jump on the soap box for me because I'm screaming for help. This is new and I'm ignorant. Take the white sugar from my mouth. I want to get healthy but am lost!

  2. In related news, I bought a 4lb bag of sugar today. It wasn't cheaper than the 2lb bag, I just want to be sure I never run out.

  3. Columbia you know I'll always be here to help! I love this stuff, I'll keep checking in with you though and if you need bootcamp nutrition and wellness I'm your gal :)