Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Cure for cranky mommy! ... Bootcamp, Hummus and Frozen Yogurt.

So tonight after bootcamp I walked up to the instructor and I thanked her profusely, then gave her a hug and then nearly started crying.  Tonight I did not want to go to the gym, the only reason I got my butt out the door and into the below zero temperature was with the bribe of sucking on some dark chocolate until I go to the gym (which is still almost less than a square of 72%) oh and the fact that it's only a 45 minute class tonight, if I skip weights.  Yes I did bribe myself, but I also didn't feel at all like putting the kids to bed, so best option = leave! 

  And yes, in case you are wondering I did have a very lengthy inner dialogue about why I should go to the gym, why I didn't want to go to the gym... Basically I spent all afternoon cleaning my carpets, sure the machine weighs a ton, but it was all the spot cleaning that killed my shoulders, not to mention the blisters on my palms.  When I wasn't scrubbing I was trying to calm down Patrick who was rudely awakened by his older brother, who was having a fit about not being able to find his Woody hot wheels car.  Patrick is sick and tiered and cried for almost an hour.  I tried everything, singing, rocking, stories, ignoring him, cuddling him, restraining him, giving him some milk in  bottle .... ahhh nothing worked, until finally I put him back in his crib, stopped him from turning over and he finally fell asleep exhausted.  I swear that is the most that kid has cried in his whole life.  He is now a toddler and ready to spit fire.  Woohoo, now I have 2 boys that have emotions the size of transport trucks and brain capasity to control those emotions the size of a pea.  Lucky me!

So yes, sense of accomplishment at cleaning the carpets, going to the gym, and keeping all my food today clean.  I must say I tried something new tonight instead of the hot yogurt bowl I wanted something cool for my throat.  I must be fighting something because my neck is swollen with glands and it hurts like daggers to swallow.  I made myself some frozen yogurt.  I mixed protein powder, frozen berries, greek yogurt, chia seeds and sugar free vanilla almond milk in the magic bullet then poured it into a glass dish and stuck it in the freezer.  Then I scraped it out and mixed it up a bit and dug in.  I was also craving something creamy so I threw half a peeled sweet potato in the microwave, and got out the food processor.  I used a can of Eden no salt added chick peas, some garlic powder, the juice of half a lemon, some tahini and olive oil.  Then I added the sweet potato and a dash of mild curry powder.... Oh man... so good.  I scooped this hummus up with some cut up celery stalks. 

Here is the recipe that inspired me for the sweet potato humus.  I did change it slightly to suit my taste buds and fridge stock. Thanks to Andre for sending it my way!  Oh and ps... warm hummus is a million times better than cold!!!!  Just saying :)

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