Monday, March 7, 2011

I Turned the Day Around!

And so my day started off pretty darn bad, but by the end I kicked it's butt!  First off I started out with a massive kink in my neck, you know the one where you have to turn your whole body just to move your neck, makes driving fun! Then a very little, cranky and snotty boy is whining for everything but when he gets it, he throws it away and keeps whining, clearly he doesn't know what he wants * this expression actually does hold true with toddlers*.  Next I have a total meltdown because I can't find the van keys, which I think are locked in the van.  I am supposed to be going to a playdate with my amazing friends and I don't want to miss out, plus Annaliese has to be in school for 9:10.

Alright so I throw in the towel, call the school and my friends.  Then I start phase 2 of my morning by nearly giving myself, yet another, concussion!!!  Oh yes... would have been the second one this year, thankfully it was only the plaster of the roof that made contact with my head and not the metal bar on the corner of the wall like last time.  I did this because I was rushing up the top bunk stairs to get Patrick (the littlest one) off the top bunk.  I proceeded to have way too much mellow drama creep up and blow my mind to bits, is this what pms does???  Geeze....  Then after spilling a few things and knocking over other stuff  (I broke a picture frame) I actually made it to diner time with the crew,  Other than another milk spill, made it through the diner pretty much as normal.  I made it to the gym and did attack with Julie, who has such amazing energy (I need some like her), than I had a session with my trainer.

Well I'm not sure I was expecting the ass whipping I got.  Come to mention it I didn't at any point in the day even think about this training session.  I was smart enough though to eat a bit more today than cooler 1 (just in case) and bloody good I did.  And I thought bootcamp was hard.  I actually almost puked!!!  While doing jack knives on the stability ball!  So all in all I was super impressed with the content of the 1 hour session.  At the end, Jeff's comment was "wow you are sweaty".  It was 1 hour straight, no warm up (I was warm), no cool down, no pleasant conversations while hydrating... just move move move, go go go!  Cool right!  I'm so excited that I learned so many valuable exercises with him.  It kind of brought back the feeling I would get when I would go to seminars when I did martial arts.  I once did a Gracie Grappling seminar and even though the crap you do is stupid hard, at the end of it you feel amazing.  You accomplished something that not many people can. 

Anyway when I got home I made my protein smoothie (with vita water, which is pure coconut water, protein powder, Kefir and frozen berries), I decided, no tv, no cleaning.  Just a bath, a stupid hot bath with the jets.  Ahhh and while I was marinating it occurred to me that the day wasn't that bad, my kids were awesome, even Patrick snapped out of his mood, my friends are so amazing and love me for all my quirks, drama and all, and I got to snuggle with Patrick when I got home because he woke up and wanted just me.  Then I remembered that yesterday I didn't write about this but I made a mental post it of how the kids woke up yesterday and spent all morning chatting and hanging out so nicely and then fell asleep chatting together, Annaliese on the top bunk and Luke on the bottom bunk.  Even though his bed is in the next room! It brings me such joy when they get along like that, siblings loving on each other and taking care of each other.  What else is life about?  Life is about relationships and connections with people.  I'm very grateful for the people in my circle and I'm also very grateful for my family and the love we share. 

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