Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Chakra is....

 I just spend nearly 20 minutes doing an online quiz to see what my strongest chakra was because I ate a chakra bar (it's green an yummy and the first ingredient is love, the second is oats). So I was curious to see what this was all about.  Just something I learned: the body is made up of  7 chakras.  So after answering 140 questions about myself and my views.  Here is what I got.

You Scored as Muladhara (Root /Survial/Attitude)  Of the seven chakras, the first chakra has the slowest vibration and densest energy. It is called Muladhara and is located at the base of the spine in the pelvic floor. This chakra's color is red and the element is earth. The earth is the most solid and dense element we experience. The purpose of the first chakra is to provide a structure and foundation from which we can grow and expand into the life we want to create.

Oh and here is the link. 

I kind of thought I would be fiery, but I guess it makes sense that I'm earthy.  I am definitely connected to earth, and I am a pretty dense person (teehee). My take-out from this little exercise is that I have power, a strong sense of motherhood/survival, and that I'm basically a mother-earth type personality... Ok well don't read to much into this, as I won't, since I may not have even answered all the questions properly. 

Either way, the point of doing this was to see if I could learn something new about myself.  I have a little story about diner, something that helped me realize something even more valuable about myself.  I rarely, if ever follow recipes or directions when it comes to cooking or baking, I like to create my own food based on what I have available in the house.  I've come to this point because the recipes I was looking at weren't healthy enough for me or my family, they either had too much sugar or ingredients that I don't like, so the easiest and most logical thing was to make up my own.  I do however pour over cook books and soak as much information as I can in.  Osmosis seems like a good term to use when I think about it.  It's fluid, and not really consistent or perfect and I don't really try to learn anything or memorize any specific recipe.  I just like getting information and ideas.  So getting back to diner, I was using the recipe in the Tosca Reno cookbook for bean and rice burger's and even as I was mixing up the ingredients something didn't seem quiet right.  But I decided to trust in the book.. I did everything as instructed and .... they did not even remotely turn out like a burger, they crumbled and wouldn't stick.  Not even close!  So  I made a note in the book with a list of ingredients I'm going to add and how I would sear them first and then bake them, rather than grilling them 5 minutes on each side. 

What I basically learned is not that, the book is wrong, no no... It is that I can't actually follow instructions.  I kind of hate following instructions, just ask my parents and my husband for that matter.  Even when I knit, I would much rather make up my own pattern than follow from a pattern.  I intuitively cook and bake.  I like things to be may way, not that they are better, but that way when something doesn't turn out, I know what to blame it on... me!  It makes my life easier, because this way I can do everything at my speed.  I like to move around my kitchen at top speeds and when I keep having to stop to read ingredients or directions, I get annoyed because it interrupts the flow of my creation.  I will follow rules, of course, but instructions I find kind of silly because in my view most things can be done more efficiently or effectively or just plain better, *I'm not saying that in everything I know what or how that would be... I'm NOT THAT self centered, but I think that if you know a better way, why limit yourself to someone else's set of instructions.  Be free!!!  Soar in your own domain, let go of the limitations of instructions and raise the bar higher than you knew possible. 


  1. That Chakra thing seems like a steaming pile of balogna. But that would never stop me from a quiz! Off I go!

  2. Svadhisthana (Sacral/Desire/Creativity)
    I'm a

  3. In case you're interested I got Ajna (forehead/third eye/intuition): 83 %. Columbia's chakra was my second in command with 74% and WAY down at the bottom is your chakra, with 58%. This is perhaps because I disagreed with every question that implied the existance of the spiritual. More important to note: I have a magical third eye in the center of my forehead!