Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 5: HELP.. Will Cook/Bake for Website!!!

The more I think about it, the more I realize I need a website.  Is there anyone out there willing to donate some of their time to help me set up a website dedicated to my life :)  I'll bake you muffins or cook you some soup in exchange???? I know that sounds stupid, but I need a place to post my recipes, my blog entries, my workouts and cool new exercises that I learn, not to mention all the information I could be posting about DIY gardening (well with Mark's professional advice) and DIY clean baking/cooking video's.  Oh and not forget a section on my cute kids and the stuff they are up too.  I am totally inspired by the website and website.

I envision my site as a funky hybrid of the two.  I wouldn't be doing it to make a career out of it, I would be doing it to keep my own information accessible and organized.  I wish I had more know how in this stuff I am not tech savvy in the least. I am also to broke to hire anyone to set a professional one for me.  Truth be told, I kind of zone out when Mark talks technical or financial, my mind retreats to a happy place.  Warm breeze, sunshine a lush greenery and a cool drink!  ahhh.  So I do realize beggar's can't be chooser's but I would love love love, if someone could magically make all my website dreams come true, without actually telling me how the magic works :)  I promise to keep you well fed (literally extremely healthily fed!)   

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  1. go on google sites. Easy to use and all you need is gmail.