Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 16: And the Fun NEVER Stops !

I have to tell you, I'm sitting in bed with my netbook waiting for Luke to puke again.  Fun stuff.  It is so random when your kids are healthy all day, high energy and bright and then a few hours after they've fallen asleep, diner is all over the bed and carpet.  This morning we were at Little Goobers.  Then it was back home, lunch, nap, run out pick up Annaliese at school, come home make pizza, watch an episode of Veggie Tales, hair cuts in the bathtub, showers, stories then kids in bed.

The hair cuts were truly a bonus, I've been mentioning it to Luke for the last couple of weeks and tonight I asked Patrick if he wanted a hair cut.  He tried to say the words -'arr coo' and then started climbing the stairs.  Cool I can work with that, so while the other two were watching Veggie Tales (the Coolest kid show EVER!!!) I sat Patrick down in the good 'ol Bumbo chair, gave him some bathtub crayons and went to town.  When Luke saw that his baby brother had gotten a hair cut, he needed one too.  Awesome possum!!!  I didn't even have to ask!!!   So both my boys are looking pretty swanky in their new do's.  I'll have to post a before and after shot later. 

Anyway tonight Annaliese really wanted to help make the pizza, so I let her put all the ingredients in the bread machine, grate the cheese and decorate the pizza all on her own.  She is really pretty cute in the kitchen, I wish I had grabbed the camera.  When she was putting the peperoni on (yes I know it's not clean, but I think 14 slices on the whole thing isn't a bad compromise)...pause... Of course it would be that while I'm typing about food, Luke starts to puke again!  --sorry back to the peperoni, Annaliese was concentrating so hard her tongue was sticking out!  So cute.  Here are a few pictures of today's food creations.

Annaliese's Pizza for Friday night!

My GF pizza for tonight!
I also snapped a few pictures of what my kids snack would look like after nap.  They usually don't eat a very big lunch, so my secret weapon is that I tend to load up on veggies at this snack because they are starving after their nap.  They don't seem to mind :)

The dip is made from two parts greek yogourt and one part Renee's ceasar dressing.

It is a well known fact in this house that kids (mine at least) love plates with compartments.  I need to find the ceramic

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