Sunday, June 26, 2011

Backyard Bliss part 2!

This is how bad the creeping charlie was in the lawn.

Here you can see the mud patch under the swing and the patchy looking grass/weeds that made up our lawn.  The little play house in the corner was also the lowest part of the yard and Mark raised it about 8".

More sad yard!  Pre-face lift.
Well the sod is all down, the play structure has a new base and we are happy that it's done.  The kids love the stones and have already played for hour upon hours with it.  Here are the after shots.

Encased pea stones around and under the play set, back corner is raised 8" to be flush with garden (rather than a water trap) and creeping Charlie is ERADICATED!!!!  Muahahahahaaa

We removed the stepping stones (for now) because the kids kept lifting them out of place to see bugs, and put down more sod.

Now we all need to pray that this sod will take and not all die. 

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  1. How is the pea stones working under the swing set? We are looking to do something similar.