Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Laundry Mocks me!

I felt pretty proud of myself, doing 5 loads of laundry this weekend, all hung to dry on the clothes line in the backyard.  But now that the motivation is running low, I have 4 baskets of folded laundry that are hanging out all over my house.  Two baskets upstairs, and two in the living room (didn't even make it up the stairs).  Now they mock my lack of motivation.  I hear them "Hey lady, get over here and spend 15 minutes putting us away!"  Instead I spend hours doing other house stuff and keep thinking about those baskets...  "Hey lady, those kids of yours are going to dump us all over the place!  Put us away!".

 So not a good sign when your laundry is talking to you! Other than the talking thing, I have a feeling I'm not alone with this laundry phenomena, it gets folded and then stuck in the baskets!  The kids start to root through them to find their favorite outfits and eventually two things will happen. : 1 - the basket becomes a mess and you just chuck it back into the wash hoping this time you will have the motivation to actually fold and put it away  2: your spouse puts it away (Lord knows the kids won't)

If anyone out there knows the secret to laundry, getting it all done from start to finish let me know.  Currently I try to do all the washing on the weekend (so that I get used to the energy conservation thingy), and every load is already seperated so (Annaliese gets a basket, Luke has one, Patrick, me and Mark, towels, sheets and diapers... )  any suggestions would help! Of course if you don't have like 10 loads of laundry a week, I'm not really sure you understand what it's like!


  1. Hmmm...Go back to caveman times when they didn't need to do laundry?

  2. Train the kids. Tell them it's so much fun

  3. This is SUCH familiar territory, Nat! I love it on those occasions when I bargain myself into only running the next load when the previous is folded and put away... otherwise when it gets to be overwhelming, why bother -- it already feels like mountain! My secret (occasional) success comes when I don't put folded laundry back in the basket, but straight into the drawers.

    Okay, the honest truth though? The last laundry-day (5 loads? 6 loads?) all got put away, save ONE that went back in the basket when I wanted to clear the dining room table in a hurry. It's still sitting there, half-folded, half-hiding 4 days later. LOL

  4. There are four of us here and I used to have laundry baskets of folded laundry all over, too. In fact, I'd be looking for clothes and couldn't find them and even though the basket was in a corner of my bedroom, couldn't remember where the clothes could be. I'd just gotten so used to the basket in the corner. So, I streamlined to ONE medium sized laundry basket. I used to have very large baskets. With only having one, the laundry has to go right to it's respective bedroom. I actually make my kids fold their own laundry (they're 6 and 8). So, eventually those kids'll help!