Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's day!

Well we had a late night last night, but all the same I was up at 7:30 and let papa sleep in till 9:45!  I fed the kids, went grocery shopping, made pancakes, cinnamon buns, fruit salad, eggs, bacon and waffles!  (ok well the waffles were not so much making as putting in the toaster)  Mark's favorite morning treat are cinnamon flavoured eggo waffles (blah! I think) but anyway.  I bought him chocolate milk and extra pulp orange juice (again ewww... but he likes it and you better believe the kids were thrilled to have juice with their brunch).  I also started work on making an amazing batch of homemade ice tea (for diner). 

He got woken up by 3 kids jumping on him and telling him to come downstairs to have breakfast and open his presents.  We had a lovely brunch, and actually made it early for church (a whole 5 minutes). I swear when Mark was turning in to park, I was confused and asked what he was doing; because usually we are in the nose bleed section of parking).  He gave me a funny look, and said "free spots".. Wow, this was VIP parking for church.  And only 5 minutes early!  I have to remember that. 

The rest of the day was pretty typical of a Sunday for us.  We got come home after church and munched on leftovers before taking a long afternoon nap!  Poor Mark had report cards to work on (but I'm sure he appreciated the peace and quiet of the house).  Then it was wake up, do some laundry, kids playing in backyard, get diner ready, have diner: honey garlic sausage, asparagus and mini potatoes on the BBQ and a huge ceasar salad from the garden lettuce.  Fruit salad for desert and we both got to enjoy the fantastic ice tea I had made.  I used a berry herbal tea - loose leaf style, added about a tsp of agave while it was hot, let it sit in the fridge all day and when I was about to serve it I added about 2 tbsp of some left over grape juice.  It was refreshing and very much like POM ice tea! If you've ever had it!

Mark and I did enjoy a nice relaxing 10 minutes after diner while the kids played in the new sand pit we added to the backyard. Then it was bath, bed and enjoy the evening!  Well I'm enjoying it, again poor Mark is working on his report cards! 

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