Wednesday, June 22, 2011

CREPES!!! Gluten Free desert style lunch!

I am supposed to be eating clean and healthy but sometimes I look for loopholes.  Like today, I just wanted to eat desert!  So why not go for it!  I decided to make crepes using egg whites and a bit of GF pancake mix and mix up my own version of a spinach filling as well as another one with a strawberry chocolate filling.  I managed to make it super healthy so that I didn't feel any guilt!  Here are some pictures, because I made it up I can't give exact measurements but all the same you can try this if you are feeling like a little healthy sin food :D

Crepes: 1 heaping tbsp of GF pancake mix (or 2 tbsp) and almost 1/2 the container of egg whites (it's about a cup)

Spinach Filling:  (mix these together and heat for 1 minute - or until soft)
2 giant handfuls of chopped spinach
1 tbsp of ranch dip (renee's ) ceasar would work too!
a big chunk (about 3-4tbsp) of pressed cottage cheese
some chopped green onion

Heat the skillet (cast iron) make sure it is well oiled (spay it again if you need too), mix batter with whisk and pour evenly on skillet.  Heat through till it's visibly cooked on top.  Then AND very IMPORTANTLY!!!!  Turn off the skillet and don't try to take the crepe off until it is cooled and the edges are curling up.

 Make two! and place them aside while you prepare the filling.  I did mine really fast so I cheated and used the microwave, if you want to be fancy you could heat both fillings (the spinach and the strawberry) on the stove top! Add fillings, wrap and enjoy! 

Strawberry Filling: (mix these and heat for 1 minute - or until soft)
fresh strawberries (5-6)
2-3 tsp of chia seeds
1tbsp of chocolate covered cocoa nibs* (which are sold at bulk barn)

I melted some dark chocolate to drizzle (I used 85%).
* cocoa nibs are the edible part of the cocoa bean that has been removed from the pod, fermented,dried and broken into pieces.  It is minimally processed which means it retains most of it's nutrients. Such as: antioxidants, potassium, tons of magnesium and calcium, Vit. A,C,D,E and B1, and healthy fats! They are crunchy and slightly bitter (kind of like crunching cocoa powder) strange at first but you get used to it!    That`s why I was delighted to find chocolate covered ones at Bulk barn!  Even Mark will munch on them! They make a great addition to your trail mixes!


  1. Looks good! I will have to check out cocoa nibs for when I mix up snacks. I was wondering what do you use to spray your cast iron? Also, does the veggie/fruit wash from Nature Clean really make a difference? How do you use all the time? (I saw it at the grocery store today and was wondering.) Thanks!

  2. Big love from Scotland to you.

  3. Those look fab. I will have to make the strawberry ones...I haven't had a real crepe in like 5 hungry now!!