Sunday, June 12, 2011

Spring Salad!

Eventually I will venture outdoors with the camera, but for now Mark isn't done his landscaping master piece and doesn't want me to show how messy the yard is... so I'll have to show you garden pictures next weekend!  Anyway, while the kids were playing and Mark was hauling stones and sand around the yard I decided the garden needed some attention.  I pulled weeds for a while until I realized how much lettuce we had ready to pick... I have been picking it almost daily for sandwiches and individual salads, but with the amount of rain and heat/sun we've had in the past week, tons of lettuce was ready for picking.

Here is my spring mix, baby spinach, boston lettuce, romaine, leaf lettuce and red leaf lettuce.

Picked out of the garden: I have learned that you either have to use it instantly after picking it or it will wilt within minutes... OR....

Wash it, Spin it and Store it in the fridge and it remains crunchy and fresh!

Here was tonight's easy diner!

 - Whole wheat, flax and sunflower seed bread - prepared after lunch and it just did it's thing in the bread machine
- Honey garlic sausage (it has less sodium than all the other types from Longo's)
- Aasparagus grilled (very lightly coated in olive oil)
- The garden salad with a tiny bit of Renee's cesear salad dressing (the kids love the taste and it works for me with the added omega's and low sodium).

Sadly I don't get to pig out on the fresh bread I did tasted it, but instead (and unfortunately) I had some GF bread in the toaster, definitely not as good!.  This is one of those moment's that I hate the fact that gluten will bring me such discomfort within hours and the next day!  grrrr... darn gluten protein. 


  1. Wow! Your lettuce looks incredible. Hoping mine catches up!

  2. What a lovely harvest! Like Max, I'm jealous too!