Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I wore a bikini!

Honestly! Ask my kids.  It certainly isn't as sexy as you might be thinking.  But it comes from years of knowing that my kids cannot help themselves, when the tub has water in it (if that water is warm) they are drawn towards and into it, without a fail, every single time.  And so it goes without saying that if I am in the tub (because of a run and weights at the gym) they will, without asking or thinking, strip down and join me.  I know this! If I want a relaxing tub, I do it well after they've fallen asleep, if I want a therapeutic tub, I hedge my bets that they will eventually be joining me.  Hense the bikini.  Today I got lucky, I actually got 45 minutes to myself, before the zoo joined in!  But it was a glorious 45 minutes.  Jets on, back getting massaged... p.e.r.f.e.c.t. 

I hope I'm ready for the punishment (I mean 5K) on Canada day!  I'll have to remember that my tummy won't be as big at 9AM as it is at 5PM, so that's a positive thought.  And even thought I really really want to run the whole thing, it's not like anyone would blame me for walking a few minutes.  I don't think I'll get overipe fruit thrown at me, I wonder why I push myself so hard? Or why I'm so hard on myself?  Do you do this? Have extreme expectations for your yourself, ones that you would never hold to anyone else? 


  1. Some people walk the whole thing and that's okay. Don't be so hard on yourself! My extreme expectations have usually stemmed from fear of failure.

  2. Walk as much as you feel you need to Nat. And when you feel ready to run again, simply run again. Make sure you enjoy the experience as much as possible and if there is a crowd cheering you on, be sure to interact with them.

    As for our expectations, sometimes they can turn from motivational to downright limiting. Some people have the habit of setting such unrealistic goals that when they miss them, they think they truly failed when in fact they succeeded. It's taken me years to learn how to set realistic goals for myself, and I feel that you simply can't learn how to do this without constantly testing yourself and approaching some of your goals as experiments. I love attempting new things and simply telling myself that I am in it to learn, it's an experiment, and in that experiment I set two sets of goals, one that I deem realistic and one that I deem unrealistic. Then I review how I performed, and why I performed that way. Over time you learn your strengths and weaknesses and you can be a better judge of your abilities.

    Blah, wow, what a run on comment. Regardless, have fun tomorrow and enjoy as much of it as possible. I know you like a good challenge, so make sure to push yourself when you can, you'll likely be disappointed if you don't. ;)

  3. Thanks guys! I needed a good pep talk! Knowing I can actually give myself permission to walk is a good "safety net", one I rarely use, but still I feel good knowing that I have it. The funny thing with pregnancy is that every week, even though I've worked hard till that point, I'm inevitably going to slow down, it's the opposite of regular training.

    Andre: Good luck on breaking 17minutes tomorrow. Say hi to Nat for me.