Friday, June 10, 2011

The things that made me Happy today!

I'm back!  And I am feeling very refreshed from my staycation (www - free week) Today was a lovely day and I think I'm going to share my favorite moments, the things that brought a smile to my face or joy to my heart.

1) I got 8 hugs from 8 different people (ok so 4 were from my own family... but still good lovin'!)
2) At the farmer's market I gave my daughter a ten dollar bill and sent her to pick out cherries and pay for them, she was feeling very proud of herself, while I watched from the sidelines with the boys... When she came back she was thrilled as she handed me 5cents back as change... So wow, we just got 3lbs of cherries.  We are all happy about the purchase (perhaps not so much Mark, but still who doesn't love sweet cherries?)
3) The lady at the kettle corn stand stamped my card 3 times for the 2 bags of popcorn I bought, which means that next week I'll get a free one :D
4)I got a 45 min, uninterrupted - luxurious nap
5) Annaliese told me she loves me more than all the other kids put together love their mom's (she is learning about addition in school, so I'm impressed at her conceptualization and her sweetness)
6) While at soccer tonight, I was lovin' and ticklin' on Luke and he got so into it, he wet his pants a bit!  I had to laugh at how cute that was. 
7) My brilliant, sneaky little children have learned to whisper when put to bed so they don't get in trouble, and I hear them "shushing" each other when they hear me coming up the stair"... something I can hardly get mad at, they are cooperating/conspiring together. Voila family bonds are created!
8)Eating popcorn for lunch
9)Discovering "Better off Ted" on Netflix, what a funny brain relaxing 22 minutes!
10) Having slept in till 8AM this morning because I didn't have to rush Annaliese to school (PA day)... ahhhhh

Such a wonderful day!  And Friday to boot... two more glorious days of weekend coming up!


  1. Sounds like a beautiful day!

  2. Better Off Ted is an absolute hoot, I wish they never canceled it, brought it back, then canceled it again. Jerks.