Monday, September 26, 2011

Time Saving Tips (diners 'a la rushed')

One of the greatest gifts you can give your family are healthy meals.  In order to do that in our busy world is to PLAN PLAN PLAN!!! Just take a couple of minutes on the weekend and think about what it is you can make either on Sunday or Monday night that can be turned into a couple more diners, that brings you to Wednesday and you just do it again.  It doesn't only have to be for evening meals, breakfasts can be turned into packed lunches too.

For example, boiling a dozen eggs in a pot takes the same amount of time as boiling 4, you can eat your boiled eggs for breakfast on Monday and make an egg salad wrap for your lunch Tuesday.  If you grill 8 boneless chicken breasts it take the same amount of time as making just 4. Now you have a grilled chicken diner for one night, you can make a chicken salad for your lunch the next day (just add greens, tomatoes and a light dressing).  Make the chicken go even further by using it again as a topping on pizza.  Or throw it in the pan with some taco seasonings and make fajita's for diner.   The idea is to be as efficient in the kitchen as possible so you can avoid the "take out" foods that are no good for our bodies.  You can buy an extra package of sausage and grill those up all at once, then you have leftovers in the fridge that can be easily used in as a the star attraction in other dishes.  Use the sausage in a fabulous diner omelet or frittata, you can throw onions (or leeks), celery, carots and potato's and broth in a pot and let it boil while you are emptying the dishwasher or putting away groceries (or helping your kids with their homework), when it's soft (puree it, or not) and add the sausage.  To kick it up a notch add some finely cut kale.

It's all about being efficient in your kitchen and using highly nutrient rich ingredients more often.  But with every skill it takes practise so don't give up and feel free to post what your favorite leftover transformations are.  (Have you ever had lasagna soup?)

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