Friday, September 9, 2011

Maternity clothes shopping SUCKS!!!

Seriously, how can you buy clothes, at full price when you know you are only going to be wearing them for another 8 weeks!!!  The weather is getting colder and I'm going to need some pants to wear, but everything that I find that fits nice now, I ask myself will it fit in 5 weeks or 6?  Should I actually spend money on this (47$ for jeans at Old Navy)? And it gets put back on the rack.  I end up with nadda! I used to buy second hand clothing at the "Once upon a child" store, but they don't carry Maternity anymore.  I've been to thrift stores but the selection is scarce plus I don't want to wear a moomoo either.  I have maternity clothing from my previous pregnancies that are way way too big and the cute stuff that was given to me for this current pregnancy is getting tighter and tighter....  Not to mention workout clothes!!!  You can't even find decent workout clothing for maternity sizes!!! Did I mention that I've had a kid in every season...  grrrrr

Ok rant done!


  1. Old Navy Canada is offering a printable coupon for 30% off one item. Excludes jewelry and gift cards. Valid until September 22, 2011. for those jeans

  2. Check out might someone who is DONE with their maternity clothes and get some good stuff for nothing...worth a shot!