Monday, September 12, 2011

I love Fall!!!

It is the BEST season!  It's finally cooling down but isn't too cold to wear shorts (if you are 8 months pregnant that is), sleeping with the window open at night, kids start school, the bounty of garden harvest and colours, apple picking, apple farms, SOUP... SOUP and more SOUP!!!   Today was the perfect fall day for me, the temperature is in the low 20s, I dropped my daughter off at school, picked up some friends and went to the apple farm.  I bought some honey crisp apples (because they don't let you pick chucks of gold off the trees), a bowl of potato chive bacon soup and sat down to watch the boys play.  When I got home I threw the ingredients for Ginger Carrot soup on the stove and now I am enjoying the delicious smells wafting off the stove.  ummmm

ps. If you are like me and didn't know what to do with a ginger root you can buy it fresh in the squeeze tubes.  I bought a ginger one and it is perfect for this type of thing!