Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Grilled zucchini and chick pea soup.

Seriously we have way way too much zucchini in the garden and I love it but the kids and Mark are on the fence.  So it's up to me to find ways to make this work for us.

Yes I do have these giant zucchini's growing in my garden right now.  As you can see I used lots of it, I couldn't tell you how many lbs (but it was about half of a giant)

Sauted 2 onions, added 1 can of Eden chick peas (because they don't use salt or bpa) and no-salt broth.

I didn't season or add oil to these (who needs the extra fat!)

I picked some rosemary and parsley from the garden (and chopped it up really fine), I added this to the onion/chick pea/ cut up grilled zucchini. 

I added the whole container of broth and let it simmer for about 25 minutes.

Puree mixture. (I wasn't happy with just the hand held so I blended it after it cooled a bit).

For the bowl of soup I added about 1/4 of greek yogourt. 
I am never satisfied with a bowl of soup as a meal unless it's packed with protein.  The chick peas and greek yogourt add loads of protein and make this soup extra creamy without tons of extra fat. 


  1. This looks delish. As for your comment about not needing extra fat (re: the grilled zucchini), don't ever look at it that way! The body needs healthy unsaturated fats. Olive oil contains heaps of natural antioxidants that cannot be found in ANY OTHER oils. Plus, it adds a lovely earthy flavor to dishes, and when added to grilled items, it elevates their flavor to a whole new level.

    Also, I love your background image, perfect for late summer!

  2. Thanks Andre, the problem with cooking with olive oil is that is loses it's heart healthy properties, I did add it to a salad made from garden tomatoes/cucumbers/chives and basil.