Friday, September 16, 2011

The friday night TANTRUM.

The 5 year old has been tantruming the minute she has walked in the door.  That is over 2 hours of very loud crying (because the neighbours need to hear too), yelling rude comments, flopping herself on the ground and down stairs, refusing to eat all but peanut butter while sitting on the ground -beside the table and chairs-, skreaching and screaming.  I am too pregnant for this!  Thank GOD for Mark and his saint like patience.  I am currently researching noise canceling ear phones.

ps.  In case you are wondering, she is like this because
 1- way way to tired(long full week 2 of school)
2- fighting off a cold

Even though I know that these are the reasons for her behaviour, it doesn't make listening and coping with it any easier.  Five full days of school is way way to long for her,  do you think it's ok to pull her out early next Friday to avoid this meltdown, so she can take a nap and have some control over emotions?  We will be "penalized" in a way, in that the absences will be tracked on the report card.  And eventually that will lead to administrative action.  However I'm not sure when they actually call the parents in to the principles office to discuss a childs "absences".   ?????

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