Wednesday, September 14, 2011

If I can do it... YOU DEFINITELY CAN!!!

Tonight in body pump, Deb (one of the best instructors EVER), told the gym that they could do the push-ups on their toes because there wasn't many of them.  Well she didn't tell, she yelled it at us!!!  Gillian Micheal`s style.  It was awesome! And I did.  Two sets of eight push-ups! On my toes!!!!   My belly was touching the floor and everything... But if I can do it... you bloody well beleive that YOU CAN do it.  While I was doing them, I didn`t actually know how many there was going to be, but I put my trust in the fact that she said 'not many' and just grit my teeth and did it. 

It also helped that I met with my midwife today and specifically asked her "how much is too much exercise at this point?" And she looked at me and said "none, just listen to your body".  So I'll take that as my hall pass to do what I really want to do! Keep working out as much as I physically can. 

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