Saturday, October 15, 2011

Conversation with a 2 year old at Midnight!!

Patrick:"mama, mama I want cherios."
Me: "babe it's the middle of the night, go back to bed"
Me: "ugh, ok lets go!"

after gobbling up a bowl of cherios and drinking a glass of milk, we go back upstairs to try to get back to sleep...

Patrick:"I haf to poo!"
Me: " Lets take your diaper off, (diaper is off and Patrick sits on potty, then gets up 2 seconds later)
Patrick: "I need a bann id"
Me: (half asleep) "What?"
Patrick: "I need A BANN IDDDD"
Me: "A band- aid?"
Patrick: "ya"
Me: "Where?"
Patrick: "On my penis!"
Me: (I've put Patrick on the change table by now) "Sweetie we can't put band-aids on penis."
Patrick: "You kiss it?"
Me: (a little confused, again It's midnight) "What?..."
Patrick: "You kiss IT, (and to clarify) MY PENIS!!!"
Me: (groan..) "Can I put cream on it?"
Patrick: "Noooooo, you kiss it better!"
Me:  (forcing the creme on now) "Babe it's time for bed, no kissing penis!"

WHY ME????


  1. Lol. We always want them to talk until they do. At least you both know who's boss (him).