Monday, October 24, 2011

A short angry rant... about a jerk!

Grrrr. I am so MAD right now.  I just got back from the gym.  Tonight's class was awesome but when I got back to my car some jerk had parked their giant suv so close to my drivers side that I couldn't even get by body between the cars, much less open my door to sneak in.  So at 9 bloody months pregnant I had to crawl across through the passenger side to get to my seat.  Oh man I felt like bashing my door into their truck!  But I didn't!  I just grummbled all the way home, felt sorry for myself... and then pondered if I would get in trouble from now on if I started parking in the handy cap spots! Because isn't that part of the courtesy, they have extra space on both side...  I need extra space, my door has to be very wide so I can get in and out!  Uhggg, of course the other option is that I park in the nose bleeds and take up two spots!  Stupid people....


  1. This is the stuff pregnancy memories are made of! My friend was just reminding me about the time I wore my husband's sandals to a funeral in my late pregnancy because that's all that I had that fit.

  2. That sucks!!

    When I was at 9 months, a guy was sitting in front of me in the subway (while i stood in the packed car with everyone breathing down everyone else's neck and their bags bumping into one another) and he just stared straight at my belly and would not get up. Then when his stop was coming up, he tried to walk right through me (?!?!) ...

    I was not as civilized as you....I elbowed him in the side. :p (*lol* when i was pregnant, in my mind, I was such a ninja! hahahaha)