Wednesday, October 19, 2011

37 weeks pregnant and...

I've learned a few things along the way....

1) My stomach has not been smooched because I can still eat a giant bowl of salad, drink a few glasses of water and then eat a giant honey crisp apple.
2) I can still lift nearly the same weights in body pump as I did 8 months ago AND I did body Attack this week too!
3) My sacro-iliac joint (or my left butt) gets worse if I sit around/lie around... therefor I need to get up and dance in the kids program and continue to go to the gym, even if it's pouring rain...miserable and I'll so tiered I'm falling asleep in my bowl of soup!
4) It actually feels so good to cry, even if it's watching someone else deliver a baby... it just makes me feel lighter.
5) No one cares if the muffin tins stays in the sink for 3 days!!!  No one is getting hurt, no one is screaming and I'll get to it tomorrow! (if I feel like it!  or I decide to make more muffins and need a clean tin)
6)  I can accept complements with grace.   I think because I am still getting such positive feedback at the gym, by NOW I actually believe them... and I am proud of what I can still do... Ps. Dear LORD the new release lunge track is going to get my ass into such amazing shape...  It is nuts!  and I'm glad I did it tonight! I figure if I can do a million lunges with a barbell on my shoulders (and a giant belly in the front) I can pretty much do anything.  Including picking up my two year old over and over again because he's sick!
7) I will not mentally or emotionally scar my children if I don't let them have chocolate milk vs white milk... they get over it! Everyone was fine even if the kid threw a short little temper tantrum in line at Ikea!  and I didn't even care if anyone was looking or being snarky...

I am a mom and I DO have super powers!!!  (I think I will reflect on these and post something about them later this week)... what are your super powers?


  1. Truly you ARE a super mom! Dude you are massively preggo and still working out...while raising THREE other kids! You are AWESOME! My I sit here eating my peanut butter drenched english muffin and trying to suck in my muffin top! LOL
    My super powers are napping. I am a super napper! LOL

  2. Oh the ability to fall asleep fast is a super power, seriously! So is being able to sleep anywhere!