Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Get what you want for cheaper!

I have a little grocery store secret.  **ssshhh**  Some produce is really expensive (aka: Honey Crisp apples ) and out of season stuff too.  Well here's the thing, when you shop at the same grocery store and you talk to the same produce staff, you learn their names (they have name tags) and they love to help out.  You can get produce that is slightly bruised - really barely anything- for a fraction of the cost.  Today I got 8 giant honey crisp apples for 1.98$ and they normally sell for 1.99$/lb.  I must have gotten more than 6lbs..  you do the math!  Don't be afraid to ask, here's how I did it " Are there any honey crisp that will be put on reduced later tonight, do you mind packing them up for me now?"  THANK YOU!

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