Monday, October 10, 2011

Our own Thanksgiving Party!!

This year we opted not to drive up to Sudbury (since I'm 9 months pregnant and all..) So we had our own private party.  Complete with virgin strawberry daiquiris all around! Mark did all the baking/cooking this year!  He even made me a roasted butternut squash soup from scratch... **sigh** Good man!  Here are the pictures from our little backyard party.  Oh ya did I mention, it was so nice this weekend that we cleaned up the back porch and had our feast el fresco! 

Very happy about the strawberry daiquiri. (virgin)

Yes my son is this hammy!

GF bread, butternut squash soup, green beans and turkey!!! 

I mixed some greek yogourt.  HERE is the link for the recipe.

My little carnivore!

Soup bowl fits very nicely on my tummy shelf!

Blueberry pie for desert!

It was that good!!! 

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