Thursday, October 13, 2011

Les Mills Combat at 36 weeks prego!

It was a great night.  After a family diner,  I grabbed my gym gear and went to Goodlife!  I did a combat class, and did pretty well.  I have to admit I must look strange doing jumping jacks (just the legs) but I keep telling everyone that it actually feels good on my lower back and hips.  The thing is I'm not doing straight legs jacks (my knees are giving me all the shocks I need) I'm using my leg muscles to move around so my lower back and stomach are very well supported.  I still flex what I have left to my core and truly the greatest thing about combat is all the upper body work with the jabs, crosses and upper cuts!  I can really get my cardio "on" and aggression "out" without needing to do lower options.  I have been doing combat since Annaliese was a few months old, so of course I wouldn't recommend staring combat in your last trimester!!!  But the message is clear: if you've been working out before you get pregnant, keep workout while you are pregnant you will be giving your baby and body such amazing gifts.  I have so much more energy than I should, I still don't waddle around and my lower back pain is really at a minimum.  But of course....

For the second part of my gym evening, I did 30 minutes of a body flow class and made it right up until hip openers (sooo needed at this point for me), then I packed up my gear early and went for my weekly 1 hour massage.  Because to me it makes so much more sense to get a massage after a workout, that way all my normal aches and pains are easy to identify and the therapist (Ed, who does A.R.T>which actually means torture)  can help fix the problem area's.  I'm not going to lie to you, I was actually practicing my "labour breathing" because he was "working" /torturing some very tight and weak muscles.  But now as I'm typing this I can truly say the pain was worth it because my SI joint (the place where the sacrum and the iliac bone meet up in the lower back) is virtually pain-free!

Whether you are pregnant or not, old or young just listen to your body!  And be brave enough to do something you (and many other people) might not think possible.  You will always feel a sense of pride at doing something new or scary!  Now how often in a day can you say "I FEEL PROUD OF MYSELF".  It's an awesome feeling! 

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