Sunday, July 17, 2011

When you are TOO HOT to COOK...

 Salad!  Summer's best friend.  Just dig through your fridge and look for leftovers, pile it on top of lovely lettuce (I was lucky enough to still have some picked and washed from yesterday's harvest), add some dressing and VOILA!  Diner a la summer.   To keep a full feeling try to make sure you have some good lean sources of protein and a healthy fats: note: sorry most salad dressings don't count as a healthy fat unless you are making it yourself with some EV olive oil or another type of nut/avocado oil.  I had an egg white and pressed no fat cottage cheese for protein and my healthy fat were the walnuts.  I won't be hungry in an hour that's for sure!

It just looks hot doesn't it!  I had a late diner because Mark was still at work and I had put the kids to bed early since they were tired from missing naps.

Summer salad: lettuce, snap peas, walnuts, nectarine, pressed cottage cheese, boiled egg white and some sesame salad dressing.  Desert: water melon and a book!

This next picture had nothing to do with summer salad but it was so gorgeous out and the grape vines are doing famously, I snapped a shot of some baby concord grapes. 


  1. Bacon is a good salad topper. Also avocado.

  2. Wow, that backyard setup and kids in bed looks so inviting!