Tuesday, July 12, 2011

School is cool.... (especially in July)

This year Mark's school planted a super awesome veggie garden and the job of watering and tending to it was divided up between some of the willing teachers.  This was our week to take care of the garden and so we brought the kids to enjoy the morning and the gardening. 

Patrick inspecting the ever-bearing strawberries.

The boys sharing there loot.

Proud to pick and then chow down on the first pepper of the garden!

Mark had some teacher stuff to do in the building so the kids tagged along and were in heaven playing with the chart paper and pens.  Who needs expensive toys!!!!  Just big paper...

Yes... he really was concentrating that hard on his work! 

Annaliese was delighted to find a pink marker!

Luke explained how this wasn't just a "happy face", It was his monster with giant curling up arms.

Time to go!  Saying good bye to the garden.  The collards look like they need to be picked soon too! 


  1. Mark is coooool! I want to be in his class.

  2. Super cool. What a great way to keep the kids involved and happy on an ADVENTURE!!