Monday, July 18, 2011

Raspberries.... cheap!

This morning we knew we couldn't keep the kids out for a long time but we did want to get them outside for some fresh air so we opted to bring them to a pick your own raspberry farm.  Little did we know how bloody cheap they would actually end up costing.  We filled 3 pints and the grand total was $3,50.  The farm was about 15 minutes from our house, Uncle Scott's Raspberry Farm. I couldn't resist snapping some shots of my youngest, clearly enjoying the loot!


  1. Incredible! I paid $3.00 for one container like that and they were not a fresh as I wanted them. You are very lucky to have and make the time for stuff like that.

  2. I know! We plan on going back nice and early tomorrow morning. The season is short and we want to take advantage before it's over, plus I think this massive heat wave is going to ripen them even faster.