Thursday, July 7, 2011

Retail Therapy!

This morning should have been a wonderful morning, we were at a beautiful park: Dundas driving range park.  Complete with shallow wading pool, splash pad, shade, play grounds, washrooms and pavilions.  But I was having a moment.. stupid stupid moment that lasted all morning.  I was quiet miserable because I couldn't enjoy the water.  I had no bathing suit.  Did you know maternity bathing suits run for about 60-80$, for something that I can only really wear for the next 2 months.  I think I was grumpy because even though I didn't want to pay that stupid price, I did want to play with my kids in the water.  I did try hard to enjoy the moments!  But as a result of the morning, Mark sent me out in the afternoon to find myself a bathing suit that would make me happy for the rest of the summer.  I know it's ridiculous, equating happyness to finding a suitable bathing suit.  But remember I am carrying around a little furnace in my belly, so when you all experience plus 35 or 40 degree celcius, I feel something akin to 50C.  So I wanted a bathing suit that would fit me for the rest of the summer.  

I actually had a gift card (thanks Jen and Adam) for a maternity store, so I made my way: ok with a detour to the GF bakery to pick up some treats and a bagel.  I did find a bathing suit I liked (hard to be picky when you only have 5 choices) and while I was out I checked out some of the other bargains.  It was a fun experience, to be honest I have been shopping at second hand stores for years now, this was fun!  I bought a couple of 5$ tanks that I can sport this summer and hit up the La Senza sale, how can you say no to 3$ panties and 5$ bras (which won't fit in a month anyway!).  But I feel pretty sexy and I guess that's what matters. 

Thanks Mark for kicking me out of the house and forcing some retail therapy on me! I promise I won't get used to it!

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