Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What is a Staycation???

Ok, so I just read the various definitions on Urban Dictionary, quite humorous, you'll just have to find out what definitions  5 and 6 are on your own time!  But my primary idea that it was a vacation you spend at home was about right.  But really how much is my 5 year old, not to mention 3 and 2 year old's actually going to remember whether I spend 200$ for a day trip too Marineland or 10$ for the day at Bronte Swimming pool.   I'm not sure why I'm thinking about this now, we had an amazing morning out, must be my internal demons creeping up and telling me that I need to take my kids to "theme parks" that they need to experience a "real vacation" a night away.  But really my kids are happy, I'm pretty sure when they get older they won't hold it against me that it was a crime that they didn't see the whales and dolphins at Marineland or the lion's from the Aftrican Lion Safari, when they were preschoolers.  I'm not saying we won't ever take them "out there" when they get a bit older, but screw you media (or the man... or the nasty voice in my head), I don't need to feel pressured to spend hundreds of dollars on "an experience" that my kids are too young to remember anyway!  Here are our morning's pictures.  We spent 10$! 

Oh sorry!!!  10$ plus 1.05$ for the ice coffee (Black, unsweetened)

We borrowed life jackets from the pool (FREE)

My paparazzi shot!  (thanks Mark!)


  1. Yeah, memories are NOT how much we spend but what we DO with the kids...that's why I always encouraged Clayton to go sledding with Bella and I and skating and swimming...they will always have good memories of their childhood. But living where we live, there is TOO much to do here and everything costs sooo much do you ever get a chance to experience it? And you want them to experience it so you can share something amazing with them...but remember that you still have lots of time to share those experiences with them. Maybe just pick ONE amazing (aka expensive) adventure a summer and then that way, it can be something they can look forward to. But the real treasure is time and memories with their me! My mom raised us solo and she never had money to take us anywhere expensive. So an experience was camping or going to Shediac...did we suffer? Nope! We were happy kids and had a wonderful childhood because we did stuff with our mom and each other...and besides, once they are in kindergarten, they go on trips anyway...our school never took us Enjoy the summer, the kids and your hubby and spend time, not money!!

  2. Is that really a POOL with SAND???

  3. Yes!!!! It is the greatest! The actual pool is made of regular concrete and there is bricks up till the sand pit! The lifeguards just systematically sweep the sand back into the sand pit from the pool every 30 minutes or so!