Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Getting back to the Gym.

Last week I took the whole week off working out.  I was tired, cranky, hot, fighting off a silly infection (the kind us momma's get while pregnant) and was extremely motivationally challenged when it came to going to the gym.  But this week is different, I've decided workout vacation is over, it's back to a regular schedule.  So yesterday I did body attack (sports inspired cadio boot camp style) and today I did body combat (martial arts inspired cardio) followed by body pump (weights/resistance training).  I honestly thought being back after a week would be way worse.  But not really, I could still do everything I was doing 2 weeks ago.  I managed all the plyometric lunges in attack and most if not all the push-ups on my knees (as opposed to boxed in).  Tonight I had a big supper about 45 minutes before class and packed a snack for between classes.  The cardio aspect was good but when it came to doing the plank crab walk, I was hurting!  Around the world, I think it's called.  In the plank on elbows and toes.  Feet wider than shoulder, keeping your body straight: right leg touches out, then in, left does the same, right hand reaches out and in, same for left... and repeat... a million times... Or so it seemed tonight.  My belly is nearly touching the ground and I'm trying to keep my body flat without rocking it from side to side... Wholly love!  Hard stuff.  I had to drop my knees (sadly) for a few but when we finished, man on man was I proud of what I did.  Six months prego and I was on my feet longer than some of the skinny girls in the class.

In case you are wondering what the secret is:  eat healthy food before a workout!  It is your fuel, plus add a bit of stubborn determination and success is always within reach!   I also think that you shouldn't listened to your brain when it comes to "how far you can push yourself".  Your brain will try to talk you out of all the juicy workout moves, even thought your body is fully capable.  My yoga instructor (guru) calls it: drama, because it's fictional, it doesn't exist until you create it .." you think something is going to hurt, you limit yourself, you think you can't stand one more nanosecond of this torture....but this is just your mind creating drama.." breath to ignore it, just do what you have to do without thinking about it."    Namaste!  

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