Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Adventures

Yikes, it's been a few day's since I posted.  I've been extremely tiered these last few days.  Going out in this heat saps all my energy, then add it workouts and taking care of everything... eeekkk... Ok so here are some pictures of a great splash pad I found in the Hammer!  After searching locally for kiddy pools and splash pads, and giving up because you have to pay for them, I started looking to our neighbours.  And wow do they ever have great FREE parks! 

Mark was working so I recruited my brother's help with the kidlets at Dundas Park in Hamilton.

Splash pad...wading pool.. shaded pavilions (with BBQ's)...3 different kids parks...

Patrick eating apple sauce.

Having a snack! apple sauce and GF muffins.

Me chillin with a green smoothy!


  1. Is that the Dundas Driving Park? Krissie and I went there last summer...very nice! Also, if you are looking for a free adventure...Grimsby (if you want to drive out here!) has a great splash pad. If you want a change of venue, that is.

  2. Ya! It is amazing!!! We've been twice now and plan on going again a few times this season :D