Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lunch then a swim at the sand banks.

A can of low sodium salmon, some basil, dill, olive oil, onion, tomato and celery (topped with feta and cranberries) on mixed greens with organic flax and blue corn chips.   Seriously easy to make and delicious. 

From my seat in dad's new boat, we are heading to the white stuff way off in the distance.  It's actually across the lake and I haven't been there in almost 20 years because my dad's old boat couldn't make it the crossing.  It only took us 15 minutes vs the hour and half it did way back then.

The sand was gorgeous, and the water warm and shallow.

My dad's new boat (he only put it in the water for the first time last week.  Me doing tree pose behind it.

That was about as high as I could climb, because the sand was so bloody hot!  And yes I did slide down and it was sooo fun.
And I did make it to the gym!  Body pump class was great and then had a giant salad and grilled fish when I got home!  What a great day. 


  1. Your parents place sounds like a top-notch summer vacation spot! I hope you get fully recharged.

  2. It is! I'm lucky for that. We will be bringing the kids for a week in August :)

  3. It is, the North Shore! Pretty awesome, I haven't been in a long time. The water was great and sand beautiful. We will be taking the kids when we are back up middle of August :D