Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Jammin' the day away!

Today was nuts, first I had a parent and tot's group at the church, which I made some gluten free "nature" brownies, as Mark likes to call them, because I add zucchini, hemp hearts, sunflower seeds and GF oats.  They were a hit, both there and at home.  Of the 20 brownies (made in muffin tins) I made, only 2 are left as I type this.  I basically just use the GF brownie mix from bulk barn, add two eggs, some oil, almond milk and the above ingredients.  It takes 25 minutes to bake at 350 and they are very well received.  Then I swapped kid duty with Mark, who had been at the farmer's market buying some produce and a couple flats of strawberries, and off I was to hot yoga!

It was a great class and when I got home, the kids were napping and Mark had set up our jam stations. 

This is a turkey deep fryer that we use for jam and making tomato sauce.  It is very very handy!

He didn't want me to take this picture but I couldn't help it!  A man working the burner! 
Strawberry jam basically took the rest of the day, but I slipped out later on to get my butt kicked at an attack class.  I have to admit the plyometric lunges, push-ups and planks were stupid hard tonight for me!  I think because I've been missing classes, to run on the tread mill and do weights, that my stamina for this type of exercise is shot.  However, since I'm not "training" anymore I can get back into a regular gym bum routine.  Here was my delicious pre-workout meal.  I am in love with goats cheese lately, since Mark took me to a fancy shmancy restaurant and I had goats cheese on my salad.

From the top down, fresh garden herbs, goats cheese, pan seared herbed tofu, garden lettuce and GF pumpernickle bread!  

Oh man as I write this now, I'm seriously thinking of making it my midnight snack now too!  It was fan-freakin-taste-tastic!

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