Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Yoga at the Lake!

Here are the much anticipated almost 30 weeks pregnant yoga poses!  I had a blast posing and thank goodness the water and air were both relatively warm! 

Tree pose.  (ps. most difficult pose for me by far because everything was moving... water, trees...and the wind was pushing against me to boot. 


crow pose

And now the fun begins....

Canon Ball... weee!!!

Taking a breath before second round of yoga with my daughter.

Trees on the lake.

And for the finale... 
ps.  I am no longer in pain, I did body flow this morning and these fun poses this afternoon and I feel pretty good. 


  1. AWESOME! Talk about exhibiting balance.

  2. Dude, you are officially my idol!! I did NADA during my pregnancy but happily eat crap and gain weight! You are a star...good for you! I'd get up and applaud...but my coworkers might think I've snapped...so silent sitting clapping!!!