Monday, August 15, 2011

Sandcastles and Smores

Wow, it's amazing, I haven't been on the internet in exactly one week.  I had a lovely time camping with my family.  The weather mostly cooperated, the food was great, I totally lucked out with the air temperature being prefect for my prego state and I didn't get a single bug bite!  Honest!  I got to read more than 500 pages of a Diana Gabaldon book and was able to eat Southwestern salad every day!  Heaven!  I will mention very quickly the fact that next summer we will find a cabin that has a washroom.  It was more than a half km walk to the washroom every time, which you can imagine isn't so fun when you are almost 7 months pregnant or with children that are little.  Anyway, I'll post some of the pictures from our family vacation!

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