Thursday, August 4, 2011

I'm hungry... All the TIME!!! ugghh

This is ridiculous, I realize I'm pregnant, but I could be eating literally every 20 minutes of the day.  I can't blame it on boredom because this morning we went swimming and didn't get home till late, we all napped, work up and had diner, then I was at the gym to do combat and body flow.  But I have been wanting to eat all day long.  I have two new cravings that have planted themselves in my brain, they aren't as gross as last weeks cravings at least.  The first is cheddar kettle corn from the farmer's market and the second a package of southwestern salad mix (that I add pressed cottage cheese, greek yogourt and spinach).  I'll have to wait till tomorrow to restock both of these!  I also think I need to start drinking more water, that might help with the hunger!  I hope...

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