Wednesday, August 3, 2011

10 Reasons to be Happy when it's a Grey Day!

In no particular order...

1) It finally cooled off enough to be comfortable for me. 
2) No need to slather sun screen on everyone (including myself)
3) Absolutely NO LINES at Ontario place! 
4) Snacking on Farmer's market Kettle corn throughout the day.
5) MINI PUT!!!! 
HOLE IN 1!!!  woot woot

6) Sucking in my belly long enough to get on the Ontario 4-D ride with my daughter.  (Mark can't see 3D) AND it was soooo cool.  Moving seats, blasts of air, mist, bubbles, snow and even ribbons moving by our feet...  I wanted to go again!  I will next time we go!
7) Hearing the kids squeal with delight on the many other rides.

8) Driving back home with a quiet van of tuckered out kids.
9) A 1 hour nap.
10) Motivation to get out of the house to workout (Body Attack) because the family wasn't sitting outside having a BBQ (that I would miss out on).  It's so much easier to workout when it's raining!

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