Friday, August 19, 2011

And sometimes the stars align...

Not every often, but perhaps more often than a blue moon, the starts align and my kids and I have a wonderful, accident free, yelling free, fighting free evening and the world is at peace.  They woke up from their nap and all decided on doing separate activities: Luke playing trains in the basement, Annaliese working on a craft (a colour your own umbrella) and Patrick was playing outside in the backyard with the dirt and water pool.  I was outside reading my book. 

Sooo uneventful and quiet... ahhhh. Then my daughter came outside in her bathing suit and wanted to play in the sprinkler.  I set it up, put my bathing suit on, put the boys in their suits, sat on a chair that did get a bit wet every now and then and watched all 3 kids play together in the sprinkler and play set.  My daughter was delighted that I set it up so the slide would get wet and that she could swing in and out of the spray of water!  Then I ducked into the house, got diner ready on the BBQ and we all sat down for diner outside.

  Amazingly they actually all sat and ate!  Everything!  Carrots and snap peas included.  Then I brought everything in the house, set up a netflix movie for them and while they watched I cleaned up from diner and made a batch of GF oatmeal raisin cookies (with chia seeds and flax) and we all sat down with milk and cookies and watched the movie.  Just before it was done I took Patrick (the youngest) upstairs and tucked him into bed... Without a fight!  Then the next two came up and I tucked them in, and they were both out within 20 minutes.  MY GOD!!!  It was 8:20!!!!  Ha ha ha... the night is mine....


  1. Sounds like an amazing afternoon and evening :) Glad it was so good.