Saturday, August 27, 2011

One Busy Day!

I personally can't stand being at home with my kids (unless it's friday night and we are watching the weekly movie while Mark works late).  They drive me batty, between the fighting, the eating, the messes... blah... I would much rather pack some snacks or in today's case lunch for the morning activity and diner for the evening activity and be out for as long as possible.  It keeps the house much cleaner and my mental sanity in check.  So here are some picture that captured the moments of today.  You might notice I have an extra kid in the morning and then lost one in the evening (I did).  I brought along Annaliese's friend for our trip to Frootogo farms and then she stayed over for the rest of the day at Lauren's house (GOD BLESS LAUREN'S MOM!!!).  I brought the boys to a wadding pool about 20 minute drive from our house, we had diner el fresco and then played at the park before picking Annaliese back up.  Then I had them tucked into bed within 30 minutes of walking into the house.  Fresh air is good!

Seriously toys as far as you can see, and fenced in! 

This place is prego mommy heaven!!!!  I had my feet up (on a chair) and sat back and relaxed while all the kids got to play to their hearts content.  The older ones, jumping off hay stacks, the little ones playing with the million toys available.

A duck and a Goose (apparently they co-mingle).

Lt to Rt: Patrick, Luke, Lauren and Annaliese (and a bunch of chickens behind the fence - thankfully)

This is what I get when I asked him to smile... ham!

About to show me how well they can blow bubbles.

The day is about to end very shortly, at this point Patrick only had energy to watch the birds. 

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  1. I totally concur with you...having Abby at home all day...I'd go bonkers! Luckily, I work all day and when I come home, she's been out all day so sitting at home with us watching Tinkerbell (for the millionth time!) is a nice change for her and a piece of cake for us! On the weekends, we are usually visiting family, friends and running errands so we don't drive each other nuts too much...looks like an awesome day...can I come live with you!!??