Monday, August 22, 2011

I take it back...Ouch!

After a 5 hour drive up to my parents house with the kids, my back now hurts and I am waddling.  I did hot yoga yesterday with my super awesome friend Sherry, and I wish I could do it again tonight!  I felt so wonderful after class, managed a crow and wheel!  Not to mention a funny little tripod head stand and shoulder stand (with a belly in my face)! Anyway, I'm trying to think positive and figure out what I can do to help with my soreness from travel body.  Body flow at 10 AM tomorrow!  Well I did bring my yoga mat for a reason, it's not Baptist Power Yoga but it will have to do as a substitute.  And if the rain can hold off I will try to get some pictures of poses with the lake as background while we are here.  I hope that works out! 

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